Be Aware: Body Care!

Disclose all allergies and medications! I am not responsible for any physical reaction you have to my potions.

 I will do my best to accommodate communicated health needs, but ultimately you are responsible for your own body vigilance!

Magic is Unregulated

None of my work is FDA approved or anything of the sort!

I take great care in the quality of the ingredients I use, and how I Craft your potion, but there is no regulatory body for the work that I do. 

We are co-creators in the magic you have purchased: I have built a scaffold that you must ignite by bringing your whole self to the experience.


I'm not a Doctor

My work does not replace a medical doctor, nor either a psychiatrist or psychologist. 

Ideally, spiritual health can be a part of your holistic health journey, and if necessary I can communicate with your other health care professionals.  

Officially all work that I do falls under the “religious freedom/confidentiality” umbrella, which stands up to a lot. I’ll do my best to protect your information, and will never volunteer anything that you haven’t given me permission to broach.

For your health and safety, please only purchase and use my products and services having read and agreed with these guidelines and disclosures!