Tarot Reading

$30 for 30 minutes

Tarot Readings can be done in person or virtually. Tarot is a powerful tool for reflection and transformation, because it gives us insight into our deepest heart. Reading Tarot is reading the energies at play around a person or topic; each element can be identified by the story shared by its card. Come prepared with the issue most on your heart and mind, and be prepared to touch Spirit and find clarity.

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Energy Work


$30 for 30 minutes

My technique is rooted in Reiki, and has evolved through practice and experience over the last 10 years. I think of energy work as a “refueling” for your energy body, which can be depleted from toxic behavior patterns, stress, or illness. If you are ready to undertake movement and growth, an energy work session can greatly support your efforts by starting you off “filled-up” and ready to go! Click here to read more about the energy body and spiritual health or to book an Energy Work session.


Spiritual Direction

If you are looking to develop your own spiritual practices, explore your unique spirituality, or begin the transformative journey of deepening your spiritual experience- I say let’s go! I want to hear about your journey; where you have been, where you find yourself now, and where you would like to go.

 I offer two frameworks to engage spiritual direction, either a witchy or a non-denominational approach:

Witchy Package $125/ 60-90 min:

We do an initial tarot reading to assess your situation, then spend time in sacred reflection space on the outcome and your reactions, and then determine an action/direction you want to pursue, and lastly I’ll send you home with a potion to augment your new intentions.

Non-denominational Exploration $75/ 60-90 min:

We have an initial revelatory conversation about your past and present relationship with your religion. Then, following the direction of Spirit you determine what you are looking for, and how you want to move toward it. This one is up to you; it is my honor to offer you sacred space and to witness your self-examination. I will be your support, advocate, accountability, resource, and priestess.

Send me an email or use the contact form below to set up a spiritual direction session.

Pastoral Care – Grief, Crisis & Trauma Counseling


If you have experienced a crisis or trauma, your spirit has too- and responded to it with deep feelings like grief, anger, pain, or loss. Did you allow yourself to process those feelings? Perhaps you buried them- and now you find yourself bearing a weight you can’t identify, but that seems every day to get more and more emergent. Things begin to crack, and you can’t find your way out.

You are experiencing the energetic repercussions of not allowing your spirit to heal from the trauma you experienced.

I offer you the sacred reflection space to see those spiritual wounds, and beloved companionship while you walk through the healing process.

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Congratulations you’re getting married! What do you need now?

1) A Marriage License and 2) a Legal Officiant (pick me!!) – I specialize in non-traditional and/or non-denominational unions.

Why Hire a Witch? Why Pick a Priestess?

  • I’m getting married outdoors and don’t want anything “churchy”
  • My partner and I are different religions
  • I want a Pagan ceremony (Handfasting, etc.)
  • I’m queer (LGBTQA) and want the funnest, gayest wedding ever

Wedding Package Breakdown

$200- One meeting/consult, rehearsal, and ceremony

$400- initial meeting, ritual design (I prepare or we prepare and customize together), rehearsal, ceremony


I am also available to legalize your union with my officiant’s signature for couples seeking simplicity. My fee is $25 within the Duluth area.

Send me an email or use the contact form below to inquire about your wedding/officiant needs.

Life Rituals

Pricing by ritual

I am also available to help you design and hold other rituals for life’s transitions: from pregnancy and birth to death and dying. Contact me to start a conversation about what you need.


*Sliding scale available based on ability to pay. If you’re in need of my services but are unable to pay the above listed rates, please inquire anyway.

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