Tarot Readings


Tarot cards read the energies that surround us. They help us identify the best places to focus our energy for the outcomes we seek, and they let us reflect on how we have been living in the world, how that is impacting our unique journey. Tarot is a powerful tool for reflection and transformation, because it gives us insight into our deepest heart.  I have been reading cards for over 10 years, and I’m here to offer you the insight your spirit is ready to share! Readings take about half an hour, and I offer them in person, or via phone and video platform. 

***NOTE this is a service!***

Once I receive notification of your purchase, I will contact you (please leave your phone or email on the checkout page in “order notes” !) to schedule your appointment. I will reach out by the next business day.

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Tarot Reading

I’m a witch on the go; after you sign up for a reading I’ll confirm with you where and when you’d like to meet! Come prepared with the issue most on your heart and mind, and be ready to touch Spirit and find clarity.

Popularly tarot is a method of “foretelling the future”- and it can be used for that*- but one of its greatest abilities is in allowing us to access our inner selves. Reading Tarot is reading the energies at play around a person or topic; each element can be identified by the story shared by its card.

Its power is in interpreting the story: you are able to identify toxic patterns and personal challenges that manifest visually as characters or plot points; you are able to identify energies at work in your life that might otherwise remain invisible.

For me, Tarot is a spiritual practice. It is a way to see the pattern of the web of life, the interwoven strands that connect us all. It is a way to communicate with my most primal, essential self: the spirit that connects me to the Divine.

*Divination caveat: the future is always in motion, as we are constantly making choices that affect the outcome of ours and others’ lives.