Pocket Potion


Potions are magical herbal concoctions in the form of oils, salves, teas, and bath soaks! Potions help you align your mind, body, and spirit to manifest a particular change. My potions are brewed up in my kitchen in small batches, hand-Crafted with organic and sustainably harvested herbs, and charged in ritual.

when it’s 4 am and you find me, my grandmas, the goddess, and a million candles making magic in my kitchen

Pocket Potions are lightly scented organic beeswax salves, infused with herb magic for every day use. Keep this potion with you on the go! A 30-second mini-meditation support that you can use throughout the day. Best for shifting a little bit at a time!

In-Stock  “Love”, “Energize”, “Caregiver”, “Peace”


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Salve | Bath Tea | Ritual Oils


What are they for?

Sometimes, when we need most to access our intention to move in our life journey, we feel scattered, depleted, and powerless. Ungrounded. Unable to harness our inner strength.

Human intention is one of the most powerful forces in the world. One of the ways it can be most dramatically engaged is in personal transformation, growth, and healing. Embodied spirituality lets you harness this innate gift, and gives you access to its deep power.

Envision: a stressful situation arises. You want to get grounded quickly and shed the shards of anxiety. Yes! Grab your pocket potion for a quick reset: rub the salve in your hands then inhale in deeply. Let the herbs move through you, loosening stress molecules while you sit in beloved plant magic support. Now back to your day!
—  “Peace” (Chamomile & Lavender) Pocket Potion

In my practice, I craft potions. Their potency is based in the theology of embodied spirituality — and targets your internal transformational change. Potions are physical products that are charged to align your body-mind-spirit. They set a spiritual “mood” or multi-sensory scaffold that supports you in doing the spiritual/emotional work you have in front of you.