Bath Tea Potion


Potions are magical herbal concoctions in the form of oils, salves, teas, and bath soaks! Potions help you align your mind, body, and spirit to manifest a particular change. My potions are brewed up in my kitchen in small batches, hand-Crafted with organic and sustainably harvested herbs, and charged in ritual.

when it’s 4 am and you find me, my grandmas, the goddess, and a million candles making magic in my kitchen

Bath Tea Potion is a mix of layered herbs and luxurious bath soak ingredients in a reusable, compostable, organic muslin bag. Use it to infuse your bath water with the power of herb magic, and immerse your senses in your intention! This bath tea potion provides a powerful, one-time experience—but keep the bag, in case you need another!



Envision: you immerse yourself in a bathtub filled with beautiful herb magic that engulfs you in the vibration of love. You allow yourself to sink deep, surrounded, beloved, and you are carried away… Luxuriate. Nourish. You are loved! (Definitely set this up with candles, incense, mood music, etc. The purpose is to activate all the senses and align them in the mood you choose; in this case, love.) – Rose and Lavender Bath Tea Potion

In my practice, I craft potions. Their potency is based in the theology of embodied spirituality, and targets your internal transformational change. Potions are physical products that are charged to align your body-mind-spirit. They set a spiritual “mood” or multi-sensory scaffold that supports you in doing the spiritual/emotional work you have in front of you.


***Please note: none of this is FDA approved! This is MAGIC!***

You are responsible for the potion’s interaction (if any) with your own allergies and medications;

communicate with me if you have a particular request!