Altar Starter Kit


Altar starter kit: 1 white candle, 1 vial of anointing oil dedicated to either the Goddess Hecate, or the Lady Asherah, and 3 stones. Rub the liquid on the candle while holding the Goddess in your heart and mind. Every time you light the candle, it will ignite those loving, devotional feelings. Over time this practice will help you develop a relationship with the Goddess, and will transform your alter into sacred space! Be sure to adorn your altar with other sacred items or inspirations, making it a space that is a home for your unique spirit.


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Altars and Goddesses

An altar is a dedicated space to in your home that you imbue with meaning by placing particular items in a particular manner. Building an altar is an excellent way to start or continue a relationship with a deity, or just to mark sacred space in your home. Build one using your heart and intuition as guides. In my home I keep many altars, some that change regularly and some that I have had set up for years. Two Goddesses that I have altars for, and for whom I have Crafted ritual blessing oil, are Hecate and Asherah.


Pre-Grecian Goddess of crossroads, witches, and magic; also guardian and guide of souls on the journey through death to rebirth or the next life.


Consort of YHWH, Goddess of the ancient Israelites and neighboring peoples. Mother Goddess of fertility, lions, serpents, trees, Gods, and the ocean.