Goddess Hecate altar starter kit
Lady Asherah Altar starter kit
Altar Starter Kit

Altar starter kit: 1 white candle, 1 vial of anointing oil dedicated to either the Goddess Hecate, or the Lady Asherah, and 3 stones. Rub the liquid on the candle while holding the Goddess in your heart and mind. Every time you light the candle, it will ignite those loving, devotional feelings. Over time this practice will help you develop a relationship with the Goddess, and will transform your alter into sacred space! Be sure to adorn your altar with other sacred items or inspirations, making it a space that is a home for your unique spirit.


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pocket potion tin: "caregiver" recipe
Pocket Potion
Pocket Potion

Potions are magical herbal concoctions in the form of oils, salves, teas, and bath soaks! Potions help you align your mind, body, and spirit to manifest a particular change. My potions are brewed up in my kitchen in small batches, hand-Crafted with organic and sustainably harvested herbs, and charged in ritual.

when it’s 4 am and you find me, my grandmas, the goddess, and a million candles making magic in my kitchen

Pocket Potions are lightly scented organic beeswax salves, infused with herb magic for every day use. Keep this potion with you on the go! A 30-second mini-meditation support that you can use throughout the day. Best for shifting a little bit at a time!

In-Stock  “Love”, “Energize”, “Caregiver”, “Peace”


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