IMG_6557     Sometimes, when we need most to access our intention to move in our life journey, we feel scattered, depleted, and powerless. Ungrounded. Unable to harness our inner strength.

     Human intention is one of the most powerful forces in the world. One of the ways it can be most dramatically engaged is in personal transformation, growth, and healing. Embodied spirituality lets you harness this innate gift, and gives you access to its deep power.

My embodied spirituality potions are physical items that I have Crafted and charged to align your body-mind-spirit; to set a spiritual “mood” or multi-sensory scaffold that supports you in doing the spiritual/emotional work you have in front of you.

     They fully manifest only through your personal activation. The potion awakens your senses and your spiritual energy body with herbs and scent; you ignite the intention through your action (rubbing salve, drinking tea, lighting candle, etc.) and visualization.