Who is the Goddess?

She has many names and faces. She is the force of the Creatrix, our Mother. Her body is the Earth and the whole of the Universe.

Modern monotheisms (primarily Christianity, Judaism and Islam) identify with the concept of one, transcending-gender God; but daily religious practice contradicts that esoteric ideal. In fact, rituals from personal prayer to public worship are addressed to a Male deity (“My Lord”, “Our Father”, etc.); and the sacred relationship is Father and Son.

The Female Divine as a deity has been erased, repressed, and demonized for centuries (though She was well known and revered in most ancient civilizations). Humans used to address prayer, ritual, and worship to God Our Mother, but Her temples have been gone from the Western world for centuries. The problem caused, when the Sacred Feminine disappears but the Sacred Masculine remains, is an imbalance in the psyche and spirit of humanity, and also in how we manifest physically on the planet.

In order to restore Balance, ritual and worship must again be addressed to the Goddess: Queen of Sea and Sky, Our Mother. She Who Has So Many Names, who is Creatrix, sustainer, and destroyer of life.

The Female Goddess, like the Male God, is only an aspect of the Whole; just as human experience includes more than female and male. The beauty and strength of all faces of the Divine must be honored and brought forth in the world, so that we honor how truly we are made in the Gods’ image, and they in ours.