Carolyn Kerns, Witch


I’m Carolyn, your friendly village witch. I’m a modern Spiritual Health professional practicing the ancient arts of my ancestors: the Goddess path, plant wisdom, herb magic, and Tarot. 

Witchy Bio:

Sun sign: Capricorn

Moon sign: Pisces

Trad: Eclectic/Kitchen Witch

Lineage: 1st Degreee Lady Ocalat (HPS Hereditary Gardnerian); 2nd Degree Kai Koumatos (HPX Rising Wind Solitary Circle)

Primary Deities: Gaia our Mother Earth, Goddess Hecate, Goddess Asherah

Honored Entities: Familial Ancestors, Lake Superior, Elementals

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What's a Priestess?

A priestess’s job is to use her abilities to help others in her community to have their own mystical or deeply spiritual experiences.” — Deirdre Pulgram Arthen, I am the Earth

There is no one way to be a priestess; each of us, as a unique individual with her unique connection to the Goddess, can bring her own vision to the role. The Goddess of many faces is enriched by priestesses with different understanding of their roles.” — Hava MontaurianoReclaiming Adam and Eve

As for me, I am called to serve my community as a spiritual healer, teacher, and leader. I hold my existence as a sacred expression of an alternate cosmology; one that recognizes the inherent unity and interconnection of all things*. I move within this reality as an instrument of my Goddesses’ energy and essence, a model and a spark. I am working ultimately for the healing of all spirits: from dented and shattered to full and alive. — Carolyn Kerns, Northwoods Witch


What's a Witch?

A witch is a wise plant healer**. They recognize the connections between all things; they take lessons from bird, beast, and tree. A witch keeps the old ways, cycles with the seasons, and breathes with the rhythm of the Earth.

I am a witch, by which I mean that I am somebody who believes that the earth is sacred, and that women and women’s bodies are one expression of that sacred being. My spirituality has always been linked to my feminism. Feminism is about challenging unequal power structures. So, it also means challenging inequalities in race, class, sexual preference. ” —Starhawk, as quoted in Womanspirit Rising: A Feminist Reader in Religion (1979) by Carol P. Christ and Judith Plaskow

I practice witchcraft for the healing of all, and to live into a reality of equity. As humans we are creators and manifestors. In my work, the magic comes from me, my allies and teachers the plants, and the energy of my Goddesses and Honored Entities.  

*By no means do I mean I’m not flawed or even that I strive for perfection in my life. But in these ways I practice living into an alternate paradigm: I am a witch, and a priestess of the Goddess.

**There is no one way to be a witch in the world; and no two of us agree on all things. So this is my version of witchiness, I invite you to share yours!