Journal Series #1 “The Air Spirit Talisman”

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In this series, published as it strikes me, I share excerpts from my journals over the years. Check it out:

March 15, 2018

The War Path Fairies*

Sitting with my sleeping son this pre-sunrise morning, I had this vision…

It began with building an altar for the blue air fairy I’ve had relationship with before (built with the goose down and the kyanite amulet on the blue saucer, accompanied by an offering of water- which needed refreshing every day, that was the key).

And then I started thinking about how, functionally, [the fairy] could facilitate air travel of a particular person- and then I felt his trepidation about what at first felt like a wild knot of red/orange shining/pulsing off in the distance. And then I realized that was the energy surrounding airplane traffic, especially the hubs of airports. I realized that [this fairy] was a rather natural air spirit and wasn’t super savvy in navigating the hot, angry snarl of air around plane travel. So then I wondered about the air spirits that do exist primarily in air traffic zones- and at first I envisioned a clan, warrior-like and authoritarian, that ruled human air traffic zones. But then I realized no- that couldn’t be the case because human airplane companies haven’t reached out and come to an accord with any such clan. Rather it is an increasingly exacerbated inflammation cause by our invasion of energetic pathways curated by the air fairies. Ugh. Yet another source of just large-scale wanton disregard for the subtle natures and existences around us.

So then I had a daydream where I started a campaign to rebuild the relationship [between humans and the sovereign air fairies through which we continue to fly] by placing a small alter in each cockpit and teaching the pilots to greet and thank the air fairies for passage through their domain. I realized quickly that it would sound crazy trying to talk to CEOs and trying to enact top-down policy shift. But reaching out to the pilots themselves- who must have an air affinity and perhaps even experiences with air spirits- would be much more effective and would slowly shift the culture that is so disrupting the air energy communities!

Yep, that’s what I think about in the morning…

So, while I did not bring this idea public, I did start bringing a talisman with me when I travel: an image that came to me while exploring digital art. And it became clear that this was an air fairy from around here that was allowing itself to be portrayed. So I place it in the window of the airplane as we fly, and offer greetings and gratitude for our passage through the skies. It feels good.

And, as I begin sending my own packages through the air spaces, I am sending my air spirit offering along too; a recognition of the air spirits’ existence and sovereignty of the airways, a greeting and traveling talisman of gratitude.

That’s why your package has a funky-feathered eyeball with wool socks on it. Pass it on!

*I tried to name this vision something besides, “War Path Fairies” but that is the name that they wanted it to be.

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