Spiderweb: Interconnection

All life is connected. Each of us is a strand in the Web of Life; our thoughts, words, and actions all affect the pattern of the great interwoven fabric. It is important to realize that while we are architects of our own creations, we are also inextricably linked to the strands of those around us, and to the Web as a Whole. This larger Web includes all the denizens of the Earth, from redwoods to red ants.

A worldview of interconnection implies two things, one stemming from the other:

1) We are all truly part of a greater Whole, and 

2) We rely on each other and are responsible to each other in all things. There is no “going it alone”. There is no isolation of human interests from plant and animal welfare, or rationale for the oppression of one group of humans by another. It’s a matter of self-interest: what harms you quite literally harms me.

Rape, betrayal, greed, oppression, addiction: all of these are symptoms of a humanity that can’t understand its place, its interconnection with all life on the planet (in microcosm), and the universe (in macrocosm).

It is the fact that this understanding is absent so often that calls on us each to turn inward and begin to listen to the needs of our spirit. This is what we need to evolve.

Your unique spirit is manifest in your body, here on this planet, right now- and there’s a reason. You have unique gifts and a unique part to play in the ever-unfolding promise that one day we can all join together in our highest understanding of ourselves and our universe. Your spirit will guide you.

And in turn, as you grow more deeply in your spirit-path, you will lift up your thread of the Web, not only inspiring those you touch, but lifting them right along with you.

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