Hecate: Origin Story

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Behind a wooden door a stone wall, deep in the Earth;

Flanked by twin torches;

A Book opened…

“In the beginning there was darkness. But the darkness was not empty; it was full of Spirit and Matter. We soared through the cosmos — until we realized: our boundless Spirits could not touch Matter. We came to council and, putting our minds to the task, discovered a way: we would become Matter!

“My siblings and I gathered together and in our center we called Matter to form. First we needed a gateway; a womb and a garden that could birth and sustain us as we were about to be. And so each of us contributed a bit of ourselves and we placed our Seed into the sphere of Matter. When she woke, Matter imbued with Spirit, she stretched and smiled and all manner of things began to grow. We looked at what we had made and saw that She was Her own being; Her birth as Earth incarnate was as a new Spirit, new Life.

“We surrounded her, our newest sister/daughter/mother-to-be, and each of us broke off parts of our own Spirit, and seeded them in the matter. And from this were humans born. At first all new humans were new pieces of our spirits; for, like Earth, upon birth each spirit seed grew whole and unique — no longer a part of Us but itself a new expression of life.

“But as humans grew and bred and spread, many forgot the origin of their Spirit. They stopped looking skyward to their parents or Earthward their mother/home. Cruelty, viciousness, violence, poverty, and hardship broke them. Their spirits shattered, and when they bore children, the seeds of their shatteredness were what became the spark of life within them (the children).

“From time to time we have seeded a human from our Essence, but most humans now are born from the shattered spirits of their ancestors.

“One example you might know is this: YHWH loved and fiercely cared for His tribe/clan/people. They survived many challenges but once it seemed that they could not prevail; the might of an Empire bore down upon them. And so to revitalize them YHWH sent a fresh bit of Himself to incarnate and become human. That spirit seed became Jesus. YHWH never expected the following He now has, and He has changed with the power He has been fed for centuries. He’s rather insufferable.

“It is your purpose to heal the shattered spirits around you. Remember this Truth: every shard has the potential to become whole and full. Just as Earth awoke Herself, and humans became unique life forms; a seed of Spirit is all that is needed to flourish into fullness.”

Hecate, Pre-Hellenic Mystery Goddess
Hecate, by Hrefngast originally on Deviant Art

So mote it be

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