New beginnings in the times of destruction, or what it all came to mean

There was a storm a few weeks ago, that blew up in the night and then raged all day. The Lake was flowing over the fences, through the yard, down the driveway, and into the street; where She collected and flooded each time the storm drains choked up with debris. Eventually She took the fences, and started eating the yards. Half of the raised bed ended up hanging out in mid-air, 5 feet above the new beach below. She took half my herb garden and smothered the other with 6 inches of sand.

For nearly a week it didn’t hit me— I just didn’t do a lot of looking at the ravaged half of my yard.

So I have to interject here: this has been an all-hands-on-deck experience, and my amazing husband has been at the helm of the clean-up and rebuild. He’s pushed on a lot of growing edges and done some beautiful work and I’m really proud and grateful for him. (He’d roll his eyes, both at the sentiment and the phrasing; love you love!)

Then one day said partner human texted me that our plans for replacing the yard that was lost in the storm were turned down by the City; and my heart broke. The space in question holds my sacred fire, the tree that is a family member, my herb garden, and so much more. What was I going to do?

The Universe made my friend call me so I could sort it out. (Thanks for having my back, Universe! As a Minnesotan I can have a hard time reaching out for emotional help when I need it.) I had all the feelings, and she prodded me til I saw through sadness and loss to what all of this could mean: and it was beautiful.

That land has been my sacred space for years and years; and now the Lake is calling for more people- all those who feel Her in their hearts- to join with her and offer Her ritual love, energy, and devotion. She spared the fire and the tree: so I am relinquishing that land to her purview. On the November New Moon I opened the space to those I could think of who might join me, and held a Lake honoring ritual. (It needs a better name! Side note, did you know that the Goddess tradition has been so deeply disappeared that it doesn’t even have a name? What religion am I? “A practitioner of the Goddess Tradition”- I think we need a better name too!)

It is my intention to hold some similar such ritual on the New Moon each month, inviting any interested to join me. The more people who join in and experience the Lake this way, the more we shift our spiritual frameworks, help rebuild the tattered bonds of interconnection between humans and the natural world…!

I don’t know exactly where this will lead, or what it will build, but I’m certainly excited to find out, and dedicated to helping it happen! 


Do you love Lake Superior? Want to offer her love/energy/positive vibes in sacred space? Come join us on Her shoreline! Reach out for more info at!

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