The Diary of a Part-Time Priestess

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Hey Cybersphere,

I’m new to this. So bear with me and my learning curve! Until I hear back from someone out there, I’ll use this for my own reflection; a digi-journal of my efforts at living a magickal life.

First off, what does that mean? Is it just uber pretentious, or is it a worthy goal? (Ok I live in Northern Minnesota, so saying it out loud is easily both)

I think magickal living is about taking joy in the little things. Having the emotional/spiritual tools to shift perspective and meet challenges joyfully. Honoring the natural cycles of life, internally and externally. Being really, really grateful for all of the things.

Do I do this every day? heck no. I fall apart sometimes and then I have to build my practice again. I know it’s part of the cycle, but I sure can recognize when I’ve let daily prayer slide too long, or need to give my altars a good refreshing!

chicken stockYesterday I made chicken broth. I finally used the last jar in the freezer and my frozen bones were getting unruly. One problem: I started so many projects that I completely forgot the broth cooling on the stove and fell asleep with my kidlets. Totally realized it about 4 AM while my fitful son went back to sleep. Fortunately the collective wisdom of the internet agreed with my first inclination: boil the stock well in the AM and freeze like you’d planned and you’re golden. The autumn is coming: the morning is cool enough to lower my jars’ temp perfectly for the freezer!

This morning I brought the baby to visit my daughter’s 3rd grade class room, then upon our return I discovered the culprit behind our struggling sunflowers: squirrels! So we paused on our way into the house to tie up the stalks- pretty tall ladies are getting a bit beaten up this year. squirrel sunflower

Well, my baby is rocking in his chair, I’m catching up on class prep for Cakes for the Queen of Heaven, freshening up the ol’ website, and dreaming up menus for the monster grocery outing I know we have ahead of us.

Beauty in the simple things! 😉 Cheers!

Here is my recipe for chicken stock (I usually have scraps of these vegetable on hand so I can make this whenever I need to)

[ultimate-recipe id=”525″ template=”default”]


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